360° Reputation Management by Sparring Partners

With its 360° methodology Sparring Partners helps its worldwide clientele to anchor a systemic reputation management approach within the organisation and corporate culture.

Based on a qualitative survey of the organisation’s existing reputation among stakeholders and identified deficiencies Sparring Partners develops a holistic program of activities which encompasses all stakeholders and their expectations towards the organisation with respect to so called reputation drivers such as corporate culture & responsibility, quality, innovation, communication, governance or compliance.

In a subsequent step Sparring Partners supports its clients to train their staff top-down in order to ensure a consistent implementation. Each employee is given a guidance for implementing and living the programme. Although a line manager or receptionist have a totally different field of activity, they should act on the same shared principles and code of conduct. Only then a consistent and sound reputation can be built over time. Follow-up surveys measure the progress of the program and reveals potential for further improvement.

Sparring Partners has successfully applied its unique methodology including the aspect of reputation risk management across a number of different industries.

„A consistently implemented reputation management programme secures every company independent of size or industry a leading position as an employer, responsible and responsive corporate citizen and business partner in times of diversity, gender equality, employer branding and increasing ecological consciousness.“

Bernhard Bauhofer

Sparring Partners has been pioneering the holistic application of Reputation Management.

Within the Reputation Management Business Model all decisive factors InnovationCommunications, Quality, Responsibility, Governance & Compliance/Human Resources Management  are concertedly deployed.

Living up to our company’s name we are leading our clients throughout all phases of Reputation Management with dedication and focus:

  1. Research of actual Corporate Reputation among all stakeholders
  2. Reputation Management Workshop
  3. Development of target reputation
  4. Identification of Reputation-Gap by comparison of actual and target reputation
  5. Development of 360° Reputation Management-Programme
  6. Full Implementation Support
  7. Periodical Audit and adjustments in Programme

The result:
The Stakeholder Value-Enterprise

A Stakeholder Value-Company is characterized by the deep-rooted capability of forging and sustainably consolidating a „Win-Win“-relationship with all internal (employees, shareholders) and external stakeholders (Clients, Partners, Media, NGOs etc.) throughout the entire value creation process. By building on a broad network the company will accomplish its objectives more efficiently, will be more resistant against crises and will enhance its reputation as a responsible Corporate Citizen.

The Transformation from Shareholder Value- to Stakeholder Value-Enterprise is nothing less than a change of paradigm linked with a more open Corporate Culture and mindset of all employees, enhanced transparency and a prospective interpretation of the company’s role in the society.

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360 ° Reputation Management